IMG_9891If elected to Rocklin Unified School District’s Board of Trustees, I will maintain and enhance the quality education our public schools provide. I want to continue a dialogue with engaged citizens like you about what you think we can do better. Please e-mail me at or call me at (916) 625–6263 with your ideas. My priorities based on personal experiences and engagement with parents, administrators, and staff members include:

College and Career Readiness: College admissions grow more competitive each year. How can we help Rocklin students stand out?

  • Challenge our students with rigorous academic expectations.
  • Help students find and pursue their passions in and out of the classroom.
  • Engage parents and teachers in the admissions process early.
  • Cultivate grit and perseverance.

For students looking for an alternative to college, Rocklin’s technical and vocational training programs are the launch pad to a solid future. These programs let students explore diverse career options and better prepare for college or careers in high-demand fields like skilled trades, allied health, engineering, and computer science. We should:

  • Better promote existing programs to our students and parents.
  • Leverage increased student demand to expand course offerings and locate county-wide programs in Rocklin.
  • Work with the business community to match training to the needs of the workplace.

Living Within Our Means: We need to plan for the future by maintaining a healthy reserve. We’ll be better off tomorrow if we save now for the next rainy day. Many of our schools were built in the 1990s. We need to budget enough funds to reinvest in our facilities over the next decade to keep providing the great learning environment our children and staff deserve.

Supporting the Whole Child: High academic expectations need not conflict with our students’ emotional and mental wellbeing. I will work with counselors, teachers, and parents to ensure our students are supported.

Transparency: Every parent and community member deserves clear, accessible information about our schools. We can make more information available online in a user-friendly form.

Technology: Make sure our students and staff have access to appropriate technology, and the training to effectively integrate it into the classroom.

Community Partnerships: I recognize the importance of strengthening and deepening our partnerships with other community organizations and businesses, like the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and local non-profits. Our community is a great source of support for extra-curricular activities, and for providing our students with volunteer and internship opportunities.

Quality Professional Development for our Teachers: High-quality, practical training for our teachers is a cost-effective way to help our teachers and, by extension, our students succeed. We should listen to our teachers and collaborate with them to provide the type of continuing educational opportunities that will be most beneficial and ensure we maintain the most skilled teaching staff around.